medical & billing

document retrieval +


medical records

We handle the entire record retrieval process for you, nationwide and HIPAA compliant!


Our staff will translate your document. Document will be proofread, and then your translation is certified and notarized.

video deposition

Allstar provides videography services for the legal community in the DFW area.

Courier & transportation

We will handle the hassle of  DFW traffic for urgent deliveries, court filings, sensitive document delivery...etc.

process service

We deliver your legal documents professionally and on time.


Increase staff efficiency & turn a cost into a recoverable expense

You can trust the Allstar team to deliver the legal support services that help our clients operate more efficiently.   


We have years of experience obtaining and delivering the critical information you need: quickly and accurately. That's why we've been trusted by some of the largest firms in Dallas.


Let's face it; medical records and document retrieval in general is time-consuming and can be a frustrating process.  Likewise, it's an inefficient application of time and resources for staff


Apart from the increase your organization will achieve in productivity, our services can be allocated as an expense that is recoverable; offsetting the cost. 


We can customize a service plan to fit your organization's needs, accurately and reliably.  

Contact us today and Allstar will be your champion tomorrow!


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we deliver accuracy, efficiency & partnership

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Accurate &


Professional & Experienced

Reliable & Trustworthy

"For more than 5 years, Allstar has delivered the Rad Law Firm an efficient and highly consistent level of service.  Allstar is a valued partner."

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