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Our experts collect records using industry leading technology, offering accurate and fast service for our clients. We handle the entire record retrieval process for you. Free up your staff to handle more important case-related activities and turn the record retrieval hassle into a billable expense. New requests are easy to order you can just send us an email, you can send your records request 24/7.

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Dedicated account management team

  • HIPAA compliant forms in database

  • Extensive provider database

  • Specific account representative assigned to each account.


  1. Send us your document by email, fax, mail, smart phone photo, or bring it in person to our office. We will review it, confirm price, and arrange payment.

  2. Our professional translators will translate your document. Document will be proofread, and then your translation is certified and notarized.

  3. You pick up your certified and notarized translation at our office. We can also mail, email, or fax it to you.


  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Divorce Certificates

  • Baptism Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Police Records


  • Diplomas

  • University Transcripts

  • Academic Documents

  • School Records

Other Documents

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Technical

  • Business

  • Adoption


  • Court Certified Interpreters

  • Immigration Appointments

  • Medical Appointments

  • Insurance

  • Conferences

  • Business Meeting


Don’t loose your witness’ spontaneous reactions, emotional state, and body language. You’re losing real time emotions, nervous fidgeting, and angry glares. Most important you’re losing your jury.
Allstar Legal provides outstanding videography services for the legal community around the Dallas Ft. Worth area. It is, however, not a task to be taken lightly; we take pride in providing professional individuals, as well as equipment to assure that there will be no mishaps in regards to the recording. Videotaping depositions is not only more cost efficient, but provides a visual advantage that allows you to capture emotions and reactions that traditional transcripts cannot provide.  Let the jurors SEE the deposition.


When your client needs to get somewhere fast, and safe, we are here for you. We will make sure they arrive on time, at their doctor’s appointment, surgery, deposition, school, work, where ever they need to be.

We understand that a car accident can disrupt a persons every day needs, but transportation should never be a concern. Allstar is only a phone call away.


We know your time is important and valuable. We will handle the hassle of mail pick up and delivery, court filing, driving though the DFW traffic to notarize a document, special delivery, court filing, when it comes to courier services count on us to help you.


We are all about helping people, and we know that credit is the essential key to an individual’s well-being. Allstar NEVER charges upfront fees, no hidden fees, and low monthly payments are available.

No upfront fees $199 at the end of the month for individuals and 5 monthly payments of only $99

No upfront fees $299 at the end of the month for couples and 5 monthly payments of only $139


Services provided during that time will consist of one or more of the following:

  • creating a manual and electronic client file

  • obtaining client(s) credit reports

  • audit/review of credit information contained on consumer credit reports

  • creation of a list of potentially actionable items

  • initial requests of validation/verification information regarding client-approved accounts from creditors and credit bureaus

  • processing of any correspondence mailed to Allstar by client upon receipt


Although specific situations and circumstances will vary on a per-case basis, services provided during that time will consist of one or more of the following:

  • no less than one telephone/email update per completed 30 day cycle

  • obtaining updated consumers credit reports as needed, no less than once per 90 days

  • audit/review of credit information contained on updated consumer credit reports

  • audit/review of creditor responses

  • action on creditor responses, as need

  • subsequent requests of validation/verification information regarding client-approved accounts from creditors and credit bureaus.


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